Advice for all XM/Sirius subscribers

They sent me a "renewal" letter in the mail. Quite a good deal they are promoting

25 dollars, you get 6 months, for the radio that you've stopped subscribing on, and for any other radios you have that get XM/Sirius.

I got the letter because I got rid of a car and cancelled XM/Sirius, and they had been charging me 15 dollars a month.

15 a month.

Now to get my business back they'll give me 6 months at 25 dollars total.

I called to get this applied to my daily driver. The letter says it is for every additional radio you have in addition to the one you are renewing for.

This means that even if I had the car I don't own any more turned back on, and my car renewed for 6 months... both cars would cost me 50 dollars for 6 months. Still 40 dollars cheaper than what they charge by the month for one car.

So I called, and asked what I was currently paying for the car I have... they said my current subscription offer is for about 100 dollars, 12 months, doesn't expire til January of 2014.

I asked if that was all, and they said no.


They said my AUTOMATIC renewal would then occur, and I'd be charged 175 dollars for the 12 months after that.

So, I advice all of you to check on the renewal situation of your XM/Sirius radio contract or subscription, tell them you are cancelling. A couple months down the line, you'll get a sweet heart offer for 1/4 or less of the normal charge.

Just thought you'd like to know. 


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