Diego and the Steam Pirates, the Collide Escape world of Armand Baltazar

the book is going to be printed and for sale before Christmas

Diego and the Steam-Pirates is an adventure story taking place after earth has been extraordinarily changed by a time fragmentation and collision: layers of time from prehistory to the near-distant future have been mashed together.

This is a world where dinosaurs have reappeared, where people and places all throughout earth’s history exist simultaneously, where pirate raiders, mysterious sea captains and their robots roam the vast inland seas in steam-driven ships.

 Master artist and storyteller Armand Baltazar takes you on an epic voyage to another world, mysteriously similar to our own.

It's made from a 1953 Fordson Golden Jubilee tractor

It's a Bentley Blower!

important note, in the above and below images steam locomotives are powering tugboats and buildings... the basic premise of the storyline is that nothing more complex than steam powered generators are operating.

Nothing with circuit cards, transistors, vacuum tubes, etc... just knife switches, Tesla era generators, etc. So with no city power grid, diesel turbos, and the rest of the modern tech, people had to adapt old power methods to keep cities going.

 So, steam power..., and the most common steam powered generators are old locomotives


 Just a moment to appreciate the incredible talented artist that created this, Armand is the incredible artist that has been the senior design concept genius behind Cars 2 with Pixar, but also worked at Disney Feature Animation, and his credits include the scenes of The Prince of Egypt, The Road to Eldorado, Spirit Stallion of the Cimmaron, Sinbad, Shark Tale, Flushed Away, The Bee Movie, Princess and the Frog, and A Christmas Carol http://www.armandbaltazar.com/animation.htm

 Armand is another of the incredible Art Center College of Design graduates that I frequently celebrate here on this blog


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