while waiting in the Hall H line, thousands of us were accosted by a bible thumper with a megaphone who called on Jesus. He got what he wanted, so did we, a Jesus took the moron down a couple pegs

he arrived (with a Comic Con pass!) as if answering out prayers to shut up the asshole that we couldn't do anything about (If everyone would be nice to each other and keep their religions to themselves, the world would be a better place, getting on a megaphone and talking about abortion in front of the Hall H waiting line should be grounds for a flogging right then and there)

this Jesus was cool, calm, collected, and superb in his demeanor, and that he didn't say anything to microphone moron, just mocked him with great humor!

Shooting down the moron with his fingers was the only photo I caught of his hilarious antics, I bet someone has posted to you tube already though


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